M413 - Power-loss Recovery


Enable or disable the Power-loss Recovery feature. When this feature is enabled, the state of the current print job (SD card only) will be saved to a file on the SD card. If the machine crashes or a power outage occurs, the firmware will present an option to Resume the interrupted print job. In Marlin 2.0 the POWER_LOSS_RECOVERY option must be enabled.

This feature operates without a power-loss detection circuit by writing to the recovery file periodically (e.g., once per layer), or if a POWER_LOSS_PIN is configured then it will write the recovery info only when a power-loss is detected. The latter option is preferred, since constant writing to the SD card can shorten its life, and the print will be resumed where it was interrupted rather than repeating the last layer. (Future implementations may allow use of the EEPROM or the on-board SD card.)


Requires POWER_LOSS_RECOVERY and an LCD controller.


M413 [S<bool>]

Flag to enable or disable Power-loss Recovery. If omitted, the current enabled state will be reported.


Enable power-loss recovery

M413 S1

Disable power-loss recovery

M413 S0

Report power-loss recovery state

Power-loss recovery ON