G1029 - Bed Leveling (Automatic)


Automatic Probing

GCode implementation of SM2 auto bed leveling protocol.


G1029 [A<bool>] [D<bool>] [P<int>] [S<rate>] [W<bool>]

start auto probing


Z axis, move z-offset, delta > 0 => we raise the reference point.


Set the size of the square grid that will be probed - P x P points (AUTO_BED_LEVELING_LINEAR)


Will move to center point first, tuning and saving the offset.


[“Move to the MESH(i), MESH(j).”, “1. After G28, enable bed leveling feature,We can use this utility to quickly, verify specific location”, “2. TODO, implement set z value to allow manual probing.”]


Automatic Probing examples

G1029 P5 ; 5x5 matrix

Probe a 5x5 matrix. (AUTO_BED_LEVELING_LINEAR)

G1029 A

Enable automatic probe and wait for the end of the probe

G1029 S

Manually adjust the Z value of the last point and then save the value